Chris Briggs

Christopher Briggs, RRC®

Wealth Advisor, Managing Director

As a Professional Wealth Advisor at Precision Wealth, Chris provides peace of mind to individuals and businesses through financial, income and estate planning. He excels at managing his clients’ returns on investment (ROI), and helping them to better understand how the often-complex world of finance relates to their investments. Chris is currently a Registered Retirement Consultant, or RRC. He enjoys working for himself at PWM, as opposed to the time he spent working for a financial institution. Today, his clients have become his “employers” with his only goal being to advise them in their best interests.

Chris enjoys the smaller, tight-knit community that the area offers. He is an active organizer for the Nanaimo Old-timer’s Hockey League, and is part of the Serauxmen Service Club and Young Professionals of Oceanside. As a father, Chris is passionate about living a morally-rich life wherein he teaches his son while learning about life alongside him. His hobbies include camping, fishing, boating, hockey, beach volleyball, the outdoors and campfires with family.

The Excellent Investment Advisor by Nick Murray. This book was originally recommended to me by Cliff Broetz, and it rewires the typical approach to investment in our industry. I believe it’s not just a book that advisors should read, but clients, too.

Wealth is having the freedom from worry while doing what you love.

My constant desire to be in my boat, fishing. Whether or not I catch fish, this is my time for self-reflection, where I spend time thinking while being lavished by the splendors of the West Coast.