Jake Steele

Wealth Advisor

With over 15 years experience as a Wealth Advisor in the financial industries of London, Montreal and Toronto, Jake spent the last 8 years of his career managing a team of globally-minded traders in the city of Vancouver. Today, he uses his financial expertise to help his clients at Precision Wealth take their investment portfolios to the next level.

As a Wealth Advisor, Jake believes strongly in the importance of understanding his clients’ unique situations, as well as educating them on the nuances of any financial investment strategy. In his own words, “an educated and engaged client will then be ready to weather the storms of the market, stick with the plan, and stay invested long term.”

After growing up in Tsawwassen, Jake became passionate about competitive swimming. He swam for both the University of British Columbia and the Canadian National Team, representing his country at many international events. Today, he enjoys reading, surfing, skiing, golfing and travelling. Jake and his wife are grateful to have moved to such a scenic, beautiful community, and look forward to raising their family here.

Real wealth is about being healthy and happy, and having the ability to live your life exactly the way you want without worry.

Through 15 years of experience in the investment world, I have learned that it is very difficult to beat the market. Instead, you must employ good managers with proven long-term track records, and an investment process that is repeatable and makes sense. What I don’t know is where the market will go tomorrow, but I do know that the way you mitigate this unknown is by having good risk management and being diversified globally.

Jake Steele