Partnership with Quintessence Wealth

A Major Shift with Great Things Ahead

Is Friday the 13th a frightening day? Not to us. On this particular one we announce a major shift … not frightening at all, in fact, very exciting. A harbinger of great things ahead.

Today is the day we officially partner with Quintessence Wealth. A new engine in behind our company.

A Whole Host of Advantages

A shift to this new model brings us a whole host of advantages. Gone are the higher costs of a traditional investment dealership relationship. Gone is the shorter product shelf with its own inherent layer of costs. And gone is the administrative nightmare (impossibility actually) of trying to affect an investment change for all of our clients at the same time.

Cutting Edge Technology

Partnering with Quintessence Wealth brings cutting edge technology for us and for our clients. This includes a virtually unlimited product shelf including investments we’ve only dreamed of being able to offer. And when we are fully transitioned into this model, as our costs go down—our clients costs go down. That’s incredibly important because costs matter—even the small increments we lose in costs translate to huge benefits to clients—every percentage point matters, dramatically.

So who is Quintessence Wealth?

Quintessence Wealth is a discretionary asset management model designed to support elite Investment Advisors. Only 5% of Canadian Investment Advisors are in this model. And now, 5% plus Precision Wealth Management. After years of searching for an enhanced model to connect to, and the last 6+ months of hard due diligence, we found our way to a great new home.

With custodian services supplied by National Bank of Canada you can also rest assured that your money is safe. Most importantly, we maintain our full independence – we will never allow ourselves to be limited by what our licensing dealership dictates. That’s never optimal for clients. This partnership encompasses:

  • Quintessence Wealth
  • National Bank of Canada
  • Precision Wealth Management

This exciting new partnership is a powerful combination delivering an exceptional client experience with a compelling cost advantage for our clients. We’re so thrilled to be able to say this. We’d shout it from the rooftops, but we don’t want to risk a fall—it is Friday the 13th after all.

More announcements coming soon.