Working from home during Covid-19

Advisors Tell All about Staying Home During COVID-19

Whether you live at home alone, with roommates, a partner or family, these unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures to keep safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Read what our Wealth Advisors have to say about working from home as they shifted gears to continue serving their clients while balancing family during these uncertain times.

From Cliff Broetz …

I start workdays looking at Overseas markets and Futures. This typically begins very early, long before sunrise. Then I plow through myriad capital markets reports and sign up for webinars and conference calls, and there have been many. By 9ish I jump in the Sauna and gain perspective while trying to forget about COVID 19. The weather has been great so I have worked hard in the garden and spend several days pressure washing. Now I truly need a massage therapist as well as a barber! I was in the late stages of my haircut cycle when the lockdown hit so now my hair looks a bit like Captain Jack Sparrow’s. Soon I’ll assess braiding.

Early afternoon brings closing market data and more study.

Around 5 pm I’ll get into news and try answering the great current question I see debated everyday now in Capital Markets. Have we seen the market bottom and if so will we get a ‘V’ shaped recovery, perhaps a ‘W’ shaped recovery or an ‘L’? I think it might be a wheelbarrow, or maybe a NIKE swoosh.

Stay Well!

Cliff joking - like Jack Sparrow!
Cliff Broetz garden boxes

From Carly Broetz …

Working from home the last month and a half has been a strange but necessary adjustment. My sister/roommate and I made the decision early on to move in (temporarily) with our parents and while it was a strange adjustment at first, the time together has been a highlight.

While I have missed the face to face contact, a major upside in this change in the way we do business has been the challenge of finding ways to keep everything as normal as possible, while not being able to leave the house. Team meetings are now done on our laptops (often in very casual attire), industry conferences are not in hotel conference rooms, but are done from the comfort of our homes, and workouts are no longer done in a packed room at a gym, but as a live stream on Instagram.

As much as we are trying to find the new normal, there is much about the old normal that I miss and I look forward to seeing all of our lovely clients in person again soon.

Carly Broetz pup on the deck

From Iwona Nicastri …

Life has been very different for me and my family – I am home EVERY Day! Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic I was working on the mainland 2-3 days a week. Now I’m home, sleeping in my own bed and with my family every day. This has been a blessing in some ways but also a huge adjustment! I moved my office home and have been hiding from my kids for most of the work day.  At first, it was hard for the kids to understand that mom is home but isn’t able to play. Fortunately, I have great support at home, so the kids get the education and attention they need. I’ve enjoyed the phone calls and video meetings with clients. Getting to a meeting has never been easier and more efficient!

As a family, we have been exploring our neighbourhood with our daily walks and bike rides. We have been doing a lot of art including a family paint night and pastel art home classes. Antonella has been playing dress up and modelling whenever she can. Franco has been enjoying Lego and playing online games with his friends. We planted our very first family garden and hope we will be successful with at least some of the vegetables!

We miss physically seeing our friends and family but continue to stay positive and make the best of this time.

Iwona Nicastri's daughter
Iwona Nicastri family
Iwona NIcastri's son

From Chris Briggs …

Unprecedented times. It’s amazing how busy our lives were prior to COVID-19. This has picked up the busyness on the advisory end of life, but it’s drastically changed the outside of work activities.

Going through high school I always dreamed of being a teacher, mostly to have summers off to pursue outdoor activities. During COVID-19, homeschooling has taught me about the vast amount of patience required to teach a child. Working and providing guided lessons for Asher has been keeping things extremely busy during the day. I have to say I’m pretty good at Kindergarten though (for anyone wondering).

We’ve had a great deal of home renovations and landscaping unfolding in front of us and we’ve been doing a lot of the work ourselves. It’s been a great challenge and a lot of fun building out different skillsets. It’s such a reward seeing the completed work. It’s a lot different than the daily activities of being an Advisor, as it takes years and years to see our accomplishment – watching our clients Living Wealthy through their retired life.

Maverick turns one year old on May 5th – or somewhere around there – we chose May 5th as it’s easy to remember… Cinco de Mayo. We’ve been getting him out daily for a one hour hike, rain or shine. Asher, Maverick and I have been keeping up with fishing.

We are all doing well, and really happy that life has slowed down to appreciate each other that much more.

Stay healthy, and Live Wealthy.

Chris Brigg's house renovations
Chris Brigg's son and dog
Catching fish

From Jake Steele …

Working from home has been awesome. I roll out of bed and I am already at the office. I am more efficient with my time, and I am still able to see all my clients through video conferencing.

The one “challenge” is my 20-month-old daughter always wants to “work” with Dad. She is a distraction that I truly don’t take for granted.

I do miss the physical connection with clients and co-workers, but when I think of the sacrifice that our front line responders are doing, it is a small price to pay.

All the best to you and your family, see you at the office soon!

Jake Steele with daughter