Gradually re-opening our office during Phase 2 of BC's Restart Plan

Phase Two of BC’s Restart Plan: Gradually Re-Opening our Office

Starting Tuesday May 19th, we are gradually re-opening our office. The health of our clients, couriers, staff and advisors, and our families are of the utmost importance. We are taking measures to align with the protocols set by the Provincial Medical Officer, in Phase Two of BC’s Restart Plan.
It is important to note that while we will be open, we are still respecting Social Distancing rules. In addition:

We prefer to run meetings through phone or video conference, unless it’s imperative the meeting be in […]

PWM Staff share stories about working from home during COVID-19

Changing Routines under Changing Conditions: Stories from the Precision Wealth Management Team

COVID-19 has rewritten the way we live, calling for novel measures for a novel virus that has taken the world by storm. Back by popular demand, here are stories from the Precision Wealth Management team about working from home, changing routines, and finding the perseverance to continue serving clients under changing conditions.

From Tracy Levirs, Licensed Assistant/Client Service Manager …

Working from home … not something I ever thought I would be doing. It was definitely a challenge in the first […]

Working from home during Covid-19

Advisors Tell All about Staying Home During COVID-19

Whether you live at home alone, with roommates, a partner or family, these unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures to keep safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Read what our Wealth Advisors have to say about working from home as they shifted gears to continue serving their clients while balancing family during these uncertain times.

From Cliff Broetz …

I start workdays looking at Overseas markets and Futures. This typically begins very early, long before sunrise. Then I plow through […]

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus, the Markets, and Your Portfolio

At Precision Wealth Management, we see what’s happening in the markets. To us it is an emotional reaction to world events. Every single market selloff in history has given way to new market highs later. This will be no different. If you have cash on the side-lines it makes far more sense to buy at these sale prices. Stay cool and protect your health instead of worrying about short term financial gyrations. 
The World Health Organization has warned of a […]


Get the ‘Need to Know’ on GICs

Are you looking for a secure investment for your assets? Like any plant that needs proper care and attention to thrive, you can make your money grow over time with the most reliable investment available to you—Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs).
So What Exactly is a GIC?
GICs are conservative investments that guarantee to preserve your principal. Why get one? This Canadian investment offers a guaranteed rate of return over a fixed time period. Your investment earns interest, at either a fixed […]

market Volatility

Volatility: Back Again

Volatility is back again. As the equity markets continue their ups and downs, investors would be prudent to remember that volatility is a common part of the markets.
Just how common? Over the past 25 years, the S&P/TSX Composite index fell in over 38 percent of the time, month over month.1 Over a 40-year period, this reached almost 40 percent, demonstrating just how frequent downward market movements are.
More recently, however, equity markets have been relatively placid. In fact, in 2016 […]


Gratitude and Reflection

This past year has truly been one of change for us. As much as the long term plan has been crafted over numerous years, the implementation of our plan has kept us very busy. New faces, new spaces and the vision of such a great future coming together rapidly.
We welcomed Christopher Briggs as a new Advisor a year ago, this year we welcomed Tighe McMillan to help on the administration side. In September we added Iwona Nicastri as an […]