Financial Advice

The Value of Financial Advice

Money is emotional and the biggest risk is embedded in ourselves as decision makers. And that is why it is of utmost importance to have a good advisor to guide us through our financial decision-making. But how much value does an advisor really add?
Once I’ve done my homework and have partnered with a skilled and principled advisor who I trust, I may need them to be both my money planner and psychologist. Financial Tip: I will listen to my financial […]


Investing to Beat the Average

I WILL stick to the investment plan when things are calm, and especially when I’m feeling anything but calm. When my emotions are running high, it is the wrong time to make rational decisions, including rethinking my investment objectives.

Think about the last financial decision that you made – whether that be a major purchase like a home or vehicle, booked a vacation or simply bought a new wardrobe. How much time did you spend researching that decision, and how […]

Market uncertainty

No Safe Bets: Invest to Stomach some Uncertainty

I WILL NOT crave certainty. Although it’s our nature to seek assurances, “safe bets” in investing are either frauds or won’t deliver returns that keep up with inflation.
There are two types of “safe bets,” both of which promise a guarantee, but one results in financial hardship much more suddenly.
Bankers refer to the first type of “safe bet” as a deposit account. The second type is typically referred to as fraud, but conmen prefer descriptors, such as “risk-free” and “a […]


To be an Islander or not to be an Islander?

While I am far from a poet, I would consider myself an Islander, having spent the first quarter century of my life on Vancouver Island. In 2012, following the completion of my Business Degree, my wife Jackie (girlfriend at the time) convinced me to hop the pond and move to Vancouver with her. In hindsight, it was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made, but at the time I only agreed with a fuss. That is in […]


Diversify Investments for an Unknown Future

I WILL NOT try to predict the future or listen to those who claim they can. Whatever happens next is anyone’s guess. I can take comfort in knowing that I am properly diversified.
Living up to our “wet-coast” reputation, it rains nearly every second day on Vancouver Island. Although, rainfall and sunshine generally don’t alternate, forecasting the weather is extremely difficult – especially over longer periods of time. I have no idea if it is going to rain on this […]