Life Insurance for Business

Life Insurance Solutions for Business Owners

There are over a million small businesses in Canada, and if you own one of them, there’s a very good chance you need life insurance.
Life insurance is an essential part of planning for the future of your company. When you own a business, many people outside of your family depend on you for their livelihoods, and life insurance ensures a future for their job if you pass away.
Here are life insurance solutions for business owners:
Key Person Insurance
Key person insurance […]

Segregated Funds

Segregated Funds for Retirement and Estate Planning

Did you know that segregated funds may play a valuable role in both retirement and estate planning?
For conservative investors planning for retirement, they offer the security of having a guarantee of principal on the investment. Given low interest rates, segregated funds have the potential to offer higher returns than those achieved through traditional fixed income investments like Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs). As part of a diversified portfolio, certain segregated funds may provide the prospect of having a predictable income […]


Whole Life Insurance: Part of a Balanced Portfolio

Did you know that life insurance may offer the potential to improve returns and reduce risk as part of a balanced portfolio? If you have excess funds not needed in retirement, “participating whole life insurance,” known as a “par policy” can provide a compelling case to achieve exposure to certain fixed income products in today’s low-yield environment.
In general, a par policy requires the policy owner to deposit premiums, either for a set duration or for life, funded with after-tax […]