PWM Staff share stories about working from home during COVID-19

Changing Routines under Changing Conditions: Stories from the Precision Wealth Management Team

COVID-19 has rewritten the way we live, calling for novel measures for a novel virus that has taken the world by storm. Back by popular demand, here are stories from the Precision Wealth Management team about working from home, changing routines, and finding the perseverance to continue serving clients under changing conditions.

From Tracy Levirs, Licensed Assistant/Client Service Manager

Tracy's garden
Tracy's garden
Tracy's garden

Working from home … not something I ever thought I would be doing. It was definitely a challenge in the first week or two. Trying to find a new “normal” routine. I am fortunate to have separate office space in my home so I am not working from my dining room table. This has helped me immensely stay organized for my workday.

My daughter moved back home when the isolation order was issued after being on her own for about five months. Although I love having her back with me, it is an adjustment to having a young adult back in the house. I was just starting to get used to having the house to myself.

I have also been working in the yard with spring upon us and I decided to redress all my garden beds with bark mulch. Apparently five yards of bark mulch is a lot! I spent two long evenings and a full day Saturday spreading it around my yard. I love how quickly it improves the look of the yard, but I hope I don’t have to do it again anytime soon. It was a huge amount of manual labour!

From Natalie Smith, Administrative Assistant …

During this lockdown I have been making the most of being able to work from home. I have my home office all set up and it’s working well. One funny thing is having to ring into the office for messages and getting to hear my own voice … I think I could have done that approaching 700 times to date! My new office assistant is enjoying me being home.

My family is all well and healthy and for that I am truly grateful. For my Dad’s safety, we have kept our visits out of the house to an absolute minimum. My husband and I are very excited to welcome a new grandson to the family in the midst of all this. We are so very lucky to have our son and his family live on our property so we are able to enjoy lots of special times with the new baby and our granddaughter. As a family we are enjoying lots of dinners together and long FaceTime chats with our daughter who is on the mainland, and family far away.

We have a large property with four generations of family living on it. Over the last two years the property has had a cottage and house built on it, so we have enjoyed this extra at-home time getting our yard back from resembling a building site. Our garden is bursting into life again and full of colours.

On rainy days and some evenings I work on my family tree research and have managed to make significant progress on a branch that has had me stumped for the last five years. I found a photo of my great grandmother when she was the age my children are now.

I think it’s safe to say at this very strange time, I badly need a haircut and keep breaking my nails in the garden but it really doesn’t matter … I am enjoying precious time with my family and the very simple things in life cooking, gardening, reading, and listening to music.

Stay safe and well, hope to see and speak to you all again soon.

Extended family
Natalie's dog

From Leanne King, Licensed Assistant/Client Service Manager

Life with Covid-19 has truly not changed my work life very much. Almost all the staff are working from home, so it has given me the opportunity to keep my regular routine of going to the office. It is very quiet without all the hustle and bustle of everyone, but the days go by fast.

Home life on the other hand has been quite interesting! I have both of my children back at home. At 22 and 25 they are not really children, but they have both been working out of the province. Because of that, I have not seen them on a regular basis.

We have made a family pact that if we are going to be living together, we might as well make the best of it. The time has come to put insurance on the convertible, and we also added a few water and land toys to the household. That way if it is sunny we can be out on the water, or if it is cloudy or rainy we can be out in the backcountry.

We live in paradise, and I cannot wait for all the exploration we have planned.

Leanne's ocean toys

From Jessica Broetz, Licensed Assistant/Client Service Manager

It seems surreal this is now week 7 of working from home. When we packed up our offices on March 16th, I honestly thought we’d be back a lot sooner. I’ve sacrificed my dining room table in favour of a home office space and I’ve been eating meals on the couch ever since. Although I have missed my family, friends, and co-workers dearly, I have also loved being able to work from home. This time has served as a reminder of the amazing clients we have. I have experienced nothing but patience and understanding as we learn how to do our jobs remotely. This unwavering support from our clients is a huge reason why I love my job.

My husband and I have started a vegetable garden in our free time, much like other families looking for hobbies. As it is becoming apparent we will have to postpone our honeymoon to Italy. We figured at the very least we can have fresh bruschetta from our new garden. Adam and I were lucky enough to have our wedding in Hawaii on January 4th of this year. I’m now watching my friends as they cancel their own upcoming weddings because of social distancing rules and I’m feeling incredibly grateful that ours happened without issue mere weeks before the world went into isolation.

While not every day has been an easy one, I know how lucky we are. Stay safe, stay healthy, and hopefully we will be seeing you soon.

Jessica Broetz Gardening during Covid-19
Jessica Broetz Gardening during Covid-19

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    Heather Shillabeer

    I cried reading these. You are a remarkable bunch and so lucky to have one another and your wonderful families. I love your wee garden Jessica ! And may your life be a honeymoon .. I’d add a bunch of hearts here if I could….. And Tracy and Leanne how wonderful to have a little more time with your ” adult” kids…the time does, remarkably, go by so quickly ! I put the quotation marks in because they are always our kids no matter the age aren’t they ?…also Tracy…now that you totally have the beautiful bark mulch thing down…. you are no doubt looking for your next project right ?! Pick me, pick me!
    Natalie…I know I can’t be the only one who envies your family property and the history there , but to have a new grandbaby! Oh my! And to have him right there with you and the time to enjoy him.?ahhh! Bliss!
    Thank you for your stories, looking forward to seeing you again.

    June 2, 2020 at 5:19 pm
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    Bill Easterbrook

    All the comments and pictures from everyone are heart warming. Good to hear everyone can adapt, still look after clients, and have a great home life. Keep up the good work, and hope to see everyone in due course. Thank You

    June 4, 2020 at 4:06 pm

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