Have you been Diagnosed with Underliving?

Underliving is a common condition mostly found among retired Canadians, and it is caused by the individual’s inability to give permission to spend their own money. This inability is due to lack of planning—not knowing what you have—and what you can spend.

This lack of planning pushes people toward the default behaviour of hoarding money, as they are unsure of how long it will last. It is natural to hoard cash when you have no plan, and one should not feel ashamed or embarrassed by this behaviour. This condition results in individuals living their lives way below their true potential, known as underliving.

Symptoms of Underliving:

  • Never believing you have enough money to spend
  • Procrastinating about taking those dream vacations
  • Not having a bucket list of things you want to do in life
  • Watching your friends travelling and doing things that you wish you could do
  • Refusing to buy things you not only need but want
  • Your kids keep telling you to spend your money
  • Consistent worrying about how other people do it
  • Not replacing that old car that has over 240,000km on the odometer
  • Not renovating your home even if it needs it

Treatment and Cure

The good news is that underliving is a completely treatable condition, and once treatment has been administered, chances of a full recovery are extremely high. The most common treatment is to meet with a Wealth Advisor who can build you a retirement plan. This plan will give you a very good indication of how much money you can spend in retirement to achieve your goals and still have enough to leave to your kids. It is important to trust the plan and know that it is built for the long term. Ultimately this plan will allow you to give yourself permission to spend your own money, thereby curing you of underliving.


Once you have received the treatment, it can take up to two years to fully recover. Once fully recovered you will feel a huge sense of relief and accomplishment as you live your life to it’s absolute potential. Contact our Wealth Advisors today to learn how you can stop underliving and choose to Live Wealthy instead.