Gradually re-opening our office during Phase 2 of BC's Restart Plan

Phase Two of BC’s Restart Plan: Gradually Re-Opening our Office

Starting Tuesday May 19th, we are gradually re-opening our office. The health of our clients, couriers, staff and advisors, and our families are of the utmost importance. We are taking measures to align with the protocols set by the Provincial Medical Officer, in Phase Two of BC’s Restart Plan.

It is important to note that while we will be open, we are still respecting Social Distancing rules. In addition:

  1. We prefer to run meetings through phone or video conference, unless it’s imperative the meeting be in person.
  2. Our advisors will still mostly be working from home.
  3. We will be running a small crew of administration staff on rotation in the office. If you find the door is locked, please knock or call the office for someone to pick up.
  4. We will be allowing one client in the office for an appointment at a time, and only two in the reception area. If there are two clients in reception when you arrive please wait outside for one client to depart.
  5. Please bring your own coffee/tea/water, etc.
  6. If possible, bring your own pen – we will be implementing eSignature technology to avoid passing of paper, but there are still instances where we require signatures.
  7. We have washrooms, however, would prefer as little use of these as possible.
  8. We will be keeping appointments as short as possible.

Please note that in order to keep our staff, advisors, and valued clients safe, we are implementing these COVID-19 protocols in order to safely re-open slowly. These protocols will be updated without notice based on the advice of the Health Authorities.

Thank you for your understanding! We look forward to seeing our clients in person more often as time goes by. If you have any question or concerns, please get in touch.