What do we really mean by Live Wealthy when we consider how to best manage our clients’ finances?
At Precision Wealth, we believe this means something much deeper and more significant to the human experience than traditional definitions suggest.

We want you to excel, and live your best life—fully.

Live Wealthy with Precision Wealth Management

You’ve spent many years working hard to save for your retirement. Your money is a means to an end—to Live Wealthy.

  • Live. Our definition: to really live and live fully—to pursue your dreams, to travel the world, to have no schedule, to be beholden to no one.
  • Wealthy. To us, wealth is entirely about freedom. Choices. Being unrestricted so that money doesn’t get in the way of your chosen path.

Cliff Broetz, Senior Wealth Advisor on What it Means to Live Wealthy

How do our clients live wealthy?

We asked them and they kindly shared their stories…

For Jan and Bob, living wealthy means tinkering away the wintertime and taking slow summer drives in their sweet rides.

For Talia, living wealthy is all about being able to pursue her love of adventure and reaching new heights.

For Gary, freedom, fishing and fresh air are key ingredients to living wealthy (rainstorm? heat wave? who cares!).

For Sally and Roger, living wealthy means experiencing the peace and magnitude of Canada’s vast wilderness.

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