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Wealth Creation: How Much is $30 Per Week Worth?

Success in building wealth has always started with saving. What may seem like a little can make a big difference over time if you’re able to stick to a regular savings plan.
If you have (grand)children learning about finances, the table to the right may be a worthwhile share. It shows the potential impact that just $30 per week of savings — or $1,560 per year — can have down the road based on various rates of return. It’s a […]


Building Wealth Takes Time

It may be easy to lose sight of the importance of time in building wealth. Today, the reasons are many: heightened market volatility, an increasing focus on immediacy and the influence of media in the digital age. Yet, in investing, having a longer time horizon takes advantage of compounding, which can have profound effects over time. This involves the difficult task of enduring inevitable and unpleasant short-term events like recessions and even an unexpected pandemic. The following may help […]


Interest Rates, Inflation & the Risk of Doing Nothing

For those old enough to remember, the late 1970s and early 1980s were periods rife with high inflation and interest rates. In 1981, inflation rates reached over 12 percent and the now defunct Canada Savings Bond returned 19.5 percent interest. While high interest rates meant great returns on low-risk assets like guaranteed investment certificates, it also meant unaffordable mortgages!