Portfolio Analysis

Is Your Portfolio Built with Your Goals in Mind?

Portfolio Analysis is an easy way to feel secure in your financial investments, and secure your goal of living wealthy long-term.

Q Wealth offers portfolio management services to clients through their professional team of Portfolio Managers; Precision Wealth is a partner of the Q Wealth Partnership.

Whether you’re a self-starting investor, or you have a long-standing portfolio that isn’t performing to par, portfolio analysis is a great way to ensure that your investments contain the right asset allocation to meet your long-term goals.

The long-term investment returns you’ll see are always determined by what’s in your portfolio – and what’s in your portfolio can be determined by a wide range of factors. Income level, age range, risk tolerance and investing time horizon will all be determined to help you choose the right allocation of your assets. Of course, those factors can also change over time. As these factors change – income goes up, or risk tolerance goes down – many Canadians maintain the same portfolio when, in fact, it may no longer be the best investment scenario for them.

That’s why the Q Wealth Portfolio Managers believe in regular portfolio analysis for clients. During this process, your current asset allocation will be reviewed to make sure it is both performing well and is in line with your current priorities. Your Portfolio Manager will help you find the asset allocation balance that will allow growth-oriented investments to flourish, without taking unnecessary risks. Approaching your investments with an emphasis on regular portfolio analysis will help to ensure financial freedom in your future.

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