Retirement Planning

Are You Planning for Retirement?

For most Canadians, retirement is one of the largest and most important financial goals of their lives.

In fact, 49% of Canadians hope to retire before the age of 60*. However, when the time comes, many people find that the retirement planning that they’ve had in place requires them to work much longer than desired. How can you avoid that situation, and enjoy your early retirement? With strategic, forward-thinking retirement planning.

Retirement with the peace of mind

When it comes to retirement planning, you want to have the best possible plan, so you can live comfortably for the rest of your life. Of course, you know you need to save, but the specifics can be a little bit trickier. How much do you need to save now for the future, and where is the best place for you to put that money? How do you find the ideal balance between living wealthy now, and saving for your future?

The good news is you can find that balance.

It’s never too early – or too late – to start, and Precision Wealth can help you get there. You’ll answer questions about your situation – your goals for today and in the future. Once you help us better understand your financial situation and ideal retirement, we can use that detailed analysis to put together the unique retirement planning package that will best serve you and your family.

Retirement is a wonderful time, full of opportunity and fulfilling long-held dreams. Keep it safe.

* Statistics Canada, Summer 2014 Perspectives and Labour Force Survey.

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